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What’s the fork, fork’s history and development.

2015-04-03 17:25
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When we enjoy the delicious food, but most of peoples will leave out our cutlery & flatware. In fact, the cutlery’s history which is very attractive , because it not only represents eating habits , but also plays an important symbol of social prosperity and development. Today we are going to introduce the ” fork “.

what's the forks

The fork first appeared in the 11th century at tasca of Italy, and it only have the two teeth. But the clergy didn’t like the fork, because they think the peopleS can only use the hand to touch the food, because it’s the god’s gift, so if you used the fork which is a blasphemous act.

Historical records in Italy: a Venetian people used the fork, but died in a few days, he likely to be infected with the plague and die, but the clergy said, it’s the god’s punishment and warned not to eat with a fork.

Until the 7th century, the some peoples was start to used the fork in the kitchen at the Middle East countries . From the 11th century to the 13th century, the kitchen fork gradually accepted, however, the italians finally also used a fork as tableware. So the fork gradually developed into the tableware from the kitchen utensils.

In the beginning, the fork only have the two teeth, but it’s unable to tear open the large meat and food.  In the 17th century, France was appeared the fork with four teeth, so it’s easy to hold the food. In the early 19th century, in Germany and Britain also appeared more teeth fork, and the fork was very popular soon in the USA.

four teeth fork

In contemporary society, the stainless steel fork are now in common use all over the world, because cheap price, good corrosion resistance, not easy to rust and excellent strength etc. Aispoon.com specialized in manufacturing the stainless steel cutlery & flatware ( fork, knife, spoon, teapsoon etc ), welcome to contact.