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How to distinguish the SS18/0 SS18/8 and SS18/10 products

2014-11-15 16:16
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When you buy the stainless steel flatware, cookware, kitchen utenils and other kitchenware products in the supermarket, but how to check which is good quality or low quality ? how to distinguish which is SS18/0, SS18/8 or SS18/10 material ?

In Current market,  the many manufacturers and distributors who used the SS18/0 or SS18/8 raw material, but they printed the ” SS18/10 ” label on the final products and sell the high price.

Aispoon give you the following opinion: 

1, Magnetic and Non-Magnetic

a) The SS18/0 ( SS410 , SS430 )material is have the magnetic,

B) The SS18/8 ( SS201 ) and SS18/10 ( SS304 ) material is non-magentic,

Because the magnetic is very small , so it’s very difficulty to found, but you can use the magent to test and check them.

2, Brightness

a) The SS18/0 ( SS410 ) and SS18/8 is brightness with some white light

b) The SS18/0 ( ss430 ) and SS18/10 ( SS304 ) is brightness with some dark light

It’s very difficulty to found, so you must be check careful, in addition, the polishing also can affect the brightness.

Aispoon is prefessional manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel cutlery& flatware, plastic handle cutlery&flatware, stainless steel kitchen utensils and stainless steel cookware products, if you have any problems, welcome to contact with us ” sales@aispoon.com “.